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Issue 185 :
Jul/Aug - 2011
Load Carriage and its Force Impact - TOPIC: Medical
- By Coyle, J APROF, Johnston, V DR, Orr, R LT, Pope, R DR
The Fairy Tale of the Panzers in Greece, April 1941 - TOPIC: Military History
- By Stockings, C. APROF
The Argument for an ‘Indirect’ Expeditionary Warfare Concept - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Langford, I LTCOL
Counterinsurgency Efforts in Iraq and the Wider Causes of Pacification - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Judd, E
Nuclear Energy in Australia - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Kowal, H COL
Climate Change and the ADF - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Thomas, M MAJ
Employer Support for Reserves: some international comparisons of Reserve capabilities - TOPIC: Reserves
- By Earnshaw, P. Dr , Price, J GPCAPT
Left Behind but Not Left Out? Perceptions of support for family members of deployed reservists - TOPIC: Reserves
- By Kehoe, J LTCOL, Orme, G LTCOL
Issue 186 :
Nov/Dec - 2011
Air Power’s Contribution to Coercion - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Murray, B LT COL
Air Power and ISR: the RAAF approach - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Weller, G WGCDR
‘Sense and Respond’ and ‘Autonomic’ Logistics: a review of US and UK developments - TOPIC: Logistics
- By Hingst, R MAJ
Military Retention Bonuses: fact and fiction - TOPIC: Personnel
- By Brezzo, P MAJ, Goble, D CMDR, Hoglin, P COL, Sturrock, A
‘From Black to Black’: a reform veteran’s perspective of the Black Review - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Jans, N.A. BRIG
The Wrong War: grit, strategy and the way out of Afghanistan - TOPIC: Review Articles
- By Connell, R.B. Dr
What’s Next in the Indian Ocean? - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Ikins, C
You Can’t Ride a Concept to the Beach: the gaps in Australia’s envisaged amphibious capability - TOPIC: Capability and development
- By Love, A MAJ
Human Systems Integration in Defence and Civilian Industries - TOPIC: Capability and development
- By Burgess-Limerick, R PROF, Cotea, C , Fleming, P , Pietrzak, E DR
Issue 187 :
Mar/Apr - 2012
Junior Leadership in the ADF - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Donaldson, M CPL
Operation ANODE: heavy landing craft – ‘the quiet achievers’ - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Smilie, R LCDR
Leadership: a section commander’s view - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Reid, B CPL
The First Rung of the Leadership Ladder - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Baker, P Flight Sergeant
Women in the ADF – Navy leading the way - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Dollisson, T PO
How Technology Has Changed the Way We Contact Home While on Deployment - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Simmich, C Warrant Office Class 1
‘Leadership 101’ - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Pinch, I Warrant Officer
Junior Leadership Experiences in East Timor - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Cahill, K Corporal
Operation RESOLUTE: leadership through teamwork - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Watson, V Sub Lieutenant
Junior Leadership on Operation ASTUTE - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Hughes, T Corporal
A Warrant to Lead - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Turnbull, D Flight Sergeant
Operation ASTUTE – East Timor - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Boutillier, A Private
The Importance of Junior Officer Training Staff - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Jones, D Lieutenant Commander J.
Junior Leaders in the Small-Team Environment - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Howard, A CPL
Air Lift Group and Junior Leadership - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Purdue, G FSGT, Thompson, C WOFF
A view from Canada – ‘Reform and the Non-Commissioned Officer’ - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Smith, SR MWO
A view from the US – ‘Leadership and Life’ - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Sims, JD COL
A view from Singapore – ‘More than warfighters: the role of ‘strategic corporals’’ - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Weichong, O DR
Junior leader professional development - who has the time? - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Metz, S DR
Has ADF Leadership Changed Over the Last 20 Years and Can We Make It Better? - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Woods, K Warrant Officer Class 1
Issue 188 :
Jul/Aug - 2012
The ADF: set for success - TOPIC: Addresses and Speeches
- By Hurley, D.J. General
Nurturing the Australian Military Mind: an assessment of senior professional military education - TOPIC: Education and Training
- By Peterson, G.
Universities, Research and China’s Military Modernisation - TOPIC: Education and Training
- By Keller, P
Australia’s Policy Response to Unauthorised Maritime Arrivals - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Zaman, S CMDRE
Dangerous Assumptions: Australia’s defence posture - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Leckie, C MAJ
Seven Sinister Strategic Trends: a brief examination of events to come - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Deshpande, N LT
The implications for Australia of the US Defense Review - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By McDermott, T MAJ
India-China Strategic Competition - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Ryan, M.J. BRIG
The Cyber Threat to Australia - TOPIC: Cyber Security
- By Thompson, M BRIG
Issue 189 :
Nov/Dec - 2012
US Alliances in the Asia-Pacific - TOPIC: Alliances
- By Srihachan, B CMDR
Revitalising ‘Team US-Australia’: Australia’s greatest strategic challenge - TOPIC: Alliances
- By McLennan, B MAJ
Increasing Competition in the South China Sea – need for a new game plan - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Bateman, S CDRE
The Japanese Soryu-class Submarine: its potential to meet Australia’s requirement - TOPIC: Capability and Procurement
- By Ryan, M.J. BRIG
Australian Influence in the South Pacific - TOPIC: International Relations
- By Brown, P COL
The Future of War Debate in Australia: Why has there not been one? Has the need for one now arrived? - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Palazzo, A DR
Towards an Expeditionary Army - TOPIC: Joint Operations
- By Langford, I LTCOL
A Joint Training Framework for an Amphibious Capability in the ADF - TOPIC: Joint Operations
- By Holmes, S CAPT
‘Drones’ or ‘Smart’ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles? - TOPIC: Capability and development
- By Martinic, G PO
Issue 190 :
Mar/Apr - 2013
The Expectations of Strategic Air Power - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Reeve, A SQNLDR
Japan’s Energy Security Challenges - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By McCann, L
Refocusing the Australia-PNG Relationship - TOPIC: International Relations
- By Blair, S LTCOL
Counterinsurgency Lessons from the North-West Frontier - TOPIC: Military History
- By Sligo, G COL
The US Submarine Campaign in the Pacific, 1941-45 - TOPIC: Military History
- By Ryan, M.J. BRIG
Sea Control in Amphibious Operations - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Wilson, J LCDR
Modern Expeditionary Warfare - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Beaumont, D MAJ
Australia’s Maritime Strategy - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Griggs, R VADM
The Army as an Instrument of National Power - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Morrison, D LTGEN
The Role of the RAAF in Australia’s Security - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Brown, G AIRMSHL
Reframing the Defence Discourse: Australia’s ‘black swan’ and its implications for preparedness and mobilisation - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Ingram, H DR, Stevens, A LTCOL
Operating in a Degraded Information Environment - TOPIC: Command & Control
- By Scott, M LTCOL
Issue 191 :
Jul/Aug - 2013
Is the RAAF Optimally Configured to Undertake Expeditionary Operations? - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Begley, J WGCDR
Air Power in Irregular Warfare: lessons from Operation CAST LEAD - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Mourad, R
Strengthening PNG’s Maritime Security - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Brace, B CDRE
The Influence of the Malayan Emergency on Counterinsurgency Doctrine - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Cornelia, G MAJ
Some Defence Budget Ideas from the UK - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Brown, P COL
A Time to Speak: finding a voice in the Asia Pacific - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Carter, C
The 2011 Libya Campaign: some implications for Australia - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Agnew, B.J.
The ADF beyond Afghanistan – four possible scenarios - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Brown, L CAPT
The Reintegration of Deployed Reservists: an Australian perspective - TOPIC: Reserves
- By Brereton, P MAJGEN, Kehoe, J LTCOL, Orme, G LTCOL
The Gender Agenda: women, peace and security in the conduct of NATO-led operations and missions - TOPIC: Defence and Society
- By Wittwer, J.A. CMDR
Issue 192 :
Nov/Dec - 2013
Calming the Dragons: territorial disputes and Australian maritime contributions to conflict prevention - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Nguyen, N SBLT
Korean Reunification - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Rawlins, A COL
China’s Growing Presence in the South Pacific: regional expansionism or global politics? - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Goodman, S GPCAPT
The US Pivot to the Asia Pacific: responses and opportunities for Indonesia and Australia - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Hayward, D COL
Australia’s Policy Framework for its Relations with India? - TOPIC: International Relations
- By Wainright, D BRIG
Countering Piracy - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Jones, R LCDR
Work Shouldn’t Hurt - TOPIC: Personnel
- By Dollisson, T PO
A Culture of Reviews - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Arizmendi, C DR
The Securitisation of Climate Change: a military perspective - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Thomas, M MAJ
Fiqh for Military Service: guidance for Muslims in Australia - TOPIC: Defence and Society
- By Gulam, H SQNLDR
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