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Issue 161 :
Jul/Aug - 2003
Are the USA’s National Interests in the Asia-Pacific Region Sufficient to Keep America Engaged in the Region as the 21st Century Progresses? - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Peachey, S. Captain
Effects of the Bush Doctrine on Commitments and Alliances in South-East Asia, The - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
Employment of Australian Helicopters in Vietnam: Strategic Failure, Operational Pragmatism, and Tactical Success - TOPIC: Vietnam
- By Field, C. Lieutenant Colonel
New Way of Equipping Pastors and Priests for ADF Chaplaincy, A - TOPIC: Personnel
- By Hayes, P. Chaplain , Russell, K. Chaplain
Political and Cultural Issues that Impact on the Ability of States in South-East Asia to Respond to Regional Security Concerns - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Hindmarsh, T. Wing Commander , Leschen, P. Captain , Thanyasiri, Thitinant Colonel, (Thai), Leschen, P. Captain , Tanyasiri, Thitinant Colonel , Thanyasiri, Thitinant Colonel , Hindmarsh, T. Wing Commander
Issue 162 :
Sep/Oct - 2003
German Army 1914 –45: The Imperfect Military Learning Organisation, The - TOPIC: World War I
- By Noble, R. BRIG
Relevance of Chaos Theory to Operations, The - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
Role of Command and Influence in Australian Multidimensional Manoeuvre Theory, The - TOPIC: Leadership
War as a Whole: Operational Shock and Operational Art - TOPIC: Military Strategy and Tactics
- By Kelly, J.D. Colonel
Issue 163 :
Nov/Dec - 2003
Australian Defence Force Liaison Officer’s Lessons Learned from Operation Iraqi Freedom, An - TOPIC: Middle East/Gulf War
- By Field, C. Lieutenant Colonel
Designing an Emergent Capability Based Strategy Toward a New Business Planning Paradigm? - TOPIC: Capability and Procurement
- By Byrne, P.
Federal Election Voting in East Timor: The PVT-EM Experience - TOPIC: Asia-Pacific
- By Rosenzweig, P.A. Major
International and Australian Pre-emption Theory - TOPIC: Doctrine
- By Flaherty, C. Dr
Issue 164 :
Jul/Aug - 2004
Coaching and Mentoring in the Australian Army Senior Leader Development Program - TOPIC: Education and Training
- By Carroll, L. Lieutenant Colonel
Completing the ‘War Book’: A Practical Defence Workforce Plan - TOPIC: Management
- By Fraser, L.
Decisive Strike, Criticality and Homeland Security - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Flaherty, C. Dr
Issue 165 :
Nov/Dec - 2004
Allied Geographical Section, 1942-46, The: Forgotten by History - TOPIC: Military History
- By Bowd, R. Captain
Australian World War I Casualties: Social Impacts - TOPIC: Defence and Society
- By Doyle, H. Major
General Schwarzkopf: Shaping the Political Environment of the 1991 Gulf War - TOPIC: Biography
- By Piercey, M.
Injury Prevention: Physical Training in the Australian Army - TOPIC: Education and Training
- By Goodall, R. Captain
New Centre for Military and Veterans’ Health, The – An Innovative Approach to ADF Health Issues - TOPIC: Medical
Rear Admiral Woodward: Political Influences During the Falklands War - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Moore, D. Major
Issue 166 :
Mar/Apr - 2005
New Article - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Karle, W.
Australian Women and War - TOPIC: Military History
- By McWatters, Anthony Lieutenant Colonel
Defence Update 2003, An Adequate Review of Australian Defence Policy - TOPIC: Policy Making
- By Riaz, Ahmed Major
Defence of Australia as the Primary Determinant for ADF’s Force Structure - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Chee Wee, Tan Major
The Machinery of Australian National Security Policy: Changes, Continuing Problems and Possibilities - TOPIC: Strategic Policy
- By Keating, G. Major
Issue 167 :
Mar/Apr - 2005
Lethality in Tactical Air Combat - TOPIC: Air Power
- By Lewis, T. Lieutenant
Making Use of Uncertainty: A Different Approach to Australian Defence Force Capability Development - TOPIC: Capability and Procurement
- By Layton, P. Group Captain
From the Tribunal - TOPIC: Personnel
- By Day, AO, P. Major General, (Retd)
Reflections by General Peter Cosgrove - TOPIC: Leadership
- By Cosgrove, AC, MC,, P.J. General, Chief of the Defence Force (2002–2005)
Australian Prisoner of War Experience and National Identity, The - TOPIC: Defence and Society
- By Noble, R. BRIG
Issue 168 :
Jul/Aug - 2005
CDF’s Address to the Defence Senior Leadership Group - TOPIC: Addresses and Speeches
- By Houston, A. Air Chief Marshal
The Historical Lessons and Intellectual Rigour of Admiral Sir Herbert William Richmond - TOPIC: Biography
- By McLennan, RNZN, B. Commander
Health and Wellbeing Consequences of Military Deployment, The - TOPIC: Medical
- By Kitchener, S. Lieutenant Colonel
Re-evaluating the Battle of Trafalgar - TOPIC: Military History
- By Gilbert, G.P. Dr
Detecting Terrorist Activity: Defining the State’s ‘Threshold of Pain’ - TOPIC: Terrorism
- By Smith, A. Colonel
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